KaiAloha Supply collaborates with DJ, Nora En Pure to continue assistance for families affected by Lahaina fires


Nora En Pure is an international touring DJ from South Africa, who takes inspiration from nature to create her melodic deep house music. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, she hopes to evoke a sense of wanderlust in her audiences, while inspiring them to be conscious of the planet around us. Her Purified brand has blossomed from a radio show into a globally recognized record label and events brand, with its logo symbolizing a crystallized drop of water.


“The ocean is always in motion and I feel it is very symbolic of my music. The ocean embodies almost everything my music stands for. It’s powerful and raw, yet calming and humbling. I try to integrate both feelings in my music,” she shared.


Nora En Pure discovered our brand when she was walking down Front Street in Lahaina at the beginning of 2023. She visited our store located across from the banyan tree and got herself the Aloha Sleeve Hoodie.


Nora En Pure wearing her favorite color, alpine green, in KaiAloha Supply's Aloha Sleeve Hoodie. (Photo courtesy of Nora En Pure)


With her heartfelt sentiments for Maui and desire to help families affected by the Lahaina fires, Nora reached out to us on social media. KaiAloha Supply is excited and proud to collaborate with her brand, Purified. Together, we created a unique Maui Strong t-shirt in which profits will go directly to the KaiAloha Supply Maui Strong Fund and will be paid out to those individuals, families, and community organizations in need of financial assistance. Your t-shirt purchases have helped and will continue to help many families on island who are still struggling to get back on their feet.

“Hawaii to me is very similar to what my music represents: the ocean, wildlife, whales...it feels authentic, raw and untouched. I love the hospitality in Hawaii. The people are friendly, the lifestyle is laid back and calm,” she said. “There is considerable socioeconomic inequality in Hawaii, and I hope that this collaboration can help support locals on Maui impacted by the fires, especially those who had little to begin with and who need the help the most.


Nora En Pure wearing Purified x KaiAloha Supply Maui Strong tee in South Africa. (Photo courtesy of Nora En Pure)


Aside from music, she grew up around wildlife in South Africa, so nature conservation efforts have always played a role in her work as well. Her passion in becoming an ocean activist followed soon after. We asked her what lesson the ocean has taught her if she could choose one. She replied, “It’s taught me to respect nature, to always keep a bigger perspective on life. What is really important and what is just in our heads. Ultimately it’s taught me gratitude.” Nora En Pure hopes that customers who purchase our Purified x KaiAloha Supply Maui Strong tees know that they are making a positive impact in supporting those who have unexpectedly experienced natural disasters.


“I think that at some point in life, we’re all going to be in need of some sort of help. And it’s important to support each other when that time comes.” Nora En Pure