Maui Huliau Foundation Shares Their Love for the Makai (Ocean) and Mauka (Mountains) with their students


Maui Huliau Foundation is an educational nonprofit organization that serves as an after school extracurricular for middle school and high school students. They recently hosted their Careers in Conservation event which took place on November 5 and November 12. KaiAloha Supply was happy to sponsor one of their lunches and donate 100 canvas bags with Maui strong stickers for the students.


“Mahalo for your generous offer to supply lunch for the Mauka Careers Exploration Day and for the canvas bags for students!” executive director at Maui Huliau Foundation, Malia Cahill said. 


Students in the classroom with our tapa and poppy canvas bags during the Mauka event. (Photo courtesy of Maui Huliau Foundation)

Maui Huliau Foundation’s focus is on providing youth with the opportunities to connect with nature and provide them with a space to learn more about the environment. Through their leadership and film making program, they incorporate lessons on climate literacy, professional development, climate change causes, zero waste, and educational resources in the classroom. They implement student-led projects that are more solution driven and they are currently looking to broaden their reach to support public school teachers.

This year, their Careers in Conservation events were broken down to two days. Sunday, November 5th revolved around the ocean and included other environmental organizations on island that share the same initiatives to help and care for sea animals. Sunday, November 12 had a similar agenda, but focused more on the mountains, fieldwork, native species, and watershed demonstrations. Both events were intended to inspire students with multiple avenues they could pursue as career paths and furthermore, create a space for the community to learn about the need to kokua (help).

KaiAloha Supply’s Canvas Bag Project was created to support environmental organizations like Maui Huliau Foundation and their efforts to take care of our oceans and land. When customers purchase a canvas bag at one of our stores, a dollar of the proceeds goes to environmental nonprofits that we donate to and allow us to contribute to their initiatives of making the world a better place.


“Thank you again! The students were excited to receive one of your canvas bags and we did share a little bit about KaiAloha and the canvas project,”
program director at Maui Huliau Foundation, Lily Solano said. 


There were around 45-50 students that participated in Careers in Conservation this year. They all received reusable canvas bags with Maui strong stickers. (Photo courtesy of Maui Huliau Foundation)