KaiAloha Supply sponsors 100 coconut trees to be replanted in Lahaina

ReGreen Lahaina is in the works of bringing color back to town. Kai McPhee, owner of nonprofit organization, ReGreen Lahaina, has made strong progress with his evolving projects. His initiatives still support his mission of hope and healing for the fallen town. KaiAloha Supply donated $1,000 to help make more of his vision bloom into fruition. 

Coconut sprouts that will be used throughout the replanting process in Lahaina. Dates and timeline are TBD. (Photo courtesy of Kai McPhee) 



Maui Humane Society receives $4,000 from KaiAloha Supply in support of their continued efforts to care for injured and displaced animals

Since the fires, Maui Humane Society has taken in 882 animals from Lahaina; 170 animals were adopted to new families; 230 animals were reunited with their families; 76 total fire cats are still under their care; 1500 animals have been treated by Maui Humane Society veterinarians outside of the shelter; 300 pets live with their displaced families in temporary hotel housing. In addition to their ongoing efforts, there are events happening throughout the month of April, known as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. Maui Humane Society not only serves as advocates for abused animals, but their team also encourages the general public to be another voice for pets in need of love. They've continued to provide shelter and veterinary care services, in addition to hosting weekly microchip and wellness clinics (which are free to families affected by the fires). 


KaiAloha Supply donates 100 more volunteer shirts to Hawaii Wildlife Fund 

Nesting season is right around the corner as we get closer to May! The team at Hawaii Wildlife Fund welcomes a new season of honu watches and rescues. Their team and volunteers have spent time cleaning up hawksbill turtle nesting beaches which help them better navigate turtle releases. Outside of their beach activities, their discovery center still serves as an educational space for keiki school field trips and programs. 


Turtle Team during a release on one of their site beaches. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Bernard at Hawaii Wildlife Fund)



Whale Trust utilizes new rashguards on site provided by KaiAloha Supply 

After a successful Whale Tales event, the Whale Trust team continues to utilize their new rashguards on their site visits. They've been recording humpback whale song for a new collaborative study which will compare songs across humpback whale feeding and breeding grounds. 


Whale Trust Foundation wears their new team uniform on their new research boat, Makana. (Photo courtesy of Emma Hearne at Whale Trust)