The University of Hawai’i offers a four-year scholarship to the graduating class at Lahainaluna High School


In October 2023, the University of Hawai’i (UH) announced that Lahainaluna High School (LHS) seniors are eligible to receive two-year and four-year scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic school year. This special group of students began their freshman year during the COVID pandemic and they are wrapping up their senior year having experienced the Lahaina fires. Through a generous philanthropist and donor who wishes to remain anonymous, this scholarship will cover tuition costs, fees and supplies at all 10 college campuses in Hawaii, three of them being Mānoa, Hilo, and West O’ahu. 


“I’m very grateful for this scholarship. It’s a big help for my family, especially after losing our home to the fires. It’s one less thing my parents have to worry about. I’m also really happy KaiAloha is on O’ahu so that I can hopefully continue my journey with the company as I start college,” LHS senior and KaiAloha Supply employee, Mackenzie Aceret said. 


Banners from Lahainaluna High School cohorts along the Memorial Bypass. Among these banners are messages from previous graduating classes showing their support and unity with the town. (KaiAloha Supply / Kassidy Kievit) 


Prior to the announcement made by UH president, David Lassner, Aceret was choosing between attending college at the University of Hawai’i Mānoa or a college in the Philippines. Today, she is planning to pursue Tourism Management once she begins at Mānoa in the fall. 

UH is in communication with LHS and Hawai’i State Department of Education to make scholarships easily accessible to families of high school seniors expected to accept this offer. They hope to provide even more opportunities for students who wish to further their academic career. 

“I’m nervous to go to Mānoa because I haven’t been far away from home, so this is a new experience for me. But this scholarship is a big help to me and my family,” future student at UH Mānoa and KaiAloha Supply employee, Jaylord Lopez said. Lopez is looking to take courses that focus on aerospace studies. He also plans to pursue band, hoping to take his experiences to give back to the community. “I want to get better with my instrument so that I can come back to Lahaina and help the band students here,” he shared. 

As KaiAloha Supply works to expand as a company, there are many opportunities ahead for growth and rebuilding. “I’m waiting for KaiAloha to open at Ala Moana so I can work there,” Lopez said.