KaiAloha Supply 'Ohana Testimonials


We actually have family that lives in Maui and we came and visited this summer. When we were in town, we came to visit Lahaina and came to your stores before the fires came through (I am so sorry and hope that you are your families are safe now and on your way back to having homes and jobs). When I heard about the fires I went to your website to see how you were affected and then saw the Maui Strong Fund and wanted to help.

Austin L



I discovered your store in Waikiki. It was my first time visiting Hawaii. We decided to visit Oahu and stayed in Waikiki. I absolutely fell in love with the island and the Hawaiian culture. Needless to say I was incredibly home sick for weeks after coming home from hawaii. I bought a hooded sweatshirt and the canvas tote from the KaiAloha store in Waikiki on my last night in Hawaii. I wear it all the time it’s my favorite! I also follow you guys on IG! A few weeks after returning from Oahu I heard about the devastating fires in Maui. I followed the updates day and night whether it was IG, the news, and tiktok. Then I saw the first set of navy blue shirts “supporting Maui”. I made sure to buy mine immediately to help support Maui. Then my most recent is the army green of poppy on the surf board with my stickers. Needless to say I absolutely love your store! And I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii

Stephanie H



I am happy to support KaiAloha! I have grown up visiting Hawaii and it has always held a special place in my heart. I was over on Maui in May and the last store I shopped at in Lahaina was KaiAloha Supply so once I saw your fundraiser after the fire I wanted to make sure to support your team and Maui. I love everything I have from KaiAloha and will definitely shop there in the future.

Sarah M



I have heard of your store through living in Hawaii. Have shopped at your Whalers store a number of times as used to live in Kaanapali. Just love all your products. Many thanks

Lisa H


My family was in Maui at the end of February of this year. We went to your store at Whaler’s Village. My wife and I absolutely loved it. The people who were working in the store were super friendly. The clothes and apparel you have in your store is awesome. When I saw your Instagram post for the Maui Strong shirts my whole family wanted to donate and help where we could….even all the way in New Hampshire. We love Maui and the beauty of your island. Mahalo!

Greg K



I have been visiting Maui since I was young, and found your store at Whaler’s Village on our last trip this past May. When the fire happened I wanted to support as much as possible and will continue to support as much as I can. But I have been sharing your posts about your Maui fire relief efforts and some others have contributed/ordered as well!

Lindsay N


We visited the Lahaina shop on August 6th and I fell in love with your message and the people that worked in the store were just so kind and amazing. After the fire, we made sure to visit the shop in Wailea to make some additional purchases before heading off island. And when you initially released the Maui Strong shirts, we jumped right on it! I’m hoping to order some Christmas gifts from you this year as well! Thank you for continuing to support the amazing ocean and community you’ve created - it’s felt all the way in Washington too!

Jessica M



We visited your stores on Front Street in Lahaina & in Whaler’s Village! We are in Maui annually, sometimes 2 visits in the year, and love your shops so much! Our oldest is named Kai, so we have extra love for you guys! We will be back in December & will do our part to help.

Kirstie T



My husband and I found your store on Front Street last September when we visited Lahaina. We loved it so much and bought a lot of stuff! We love your brand and were so sad about the Lahaina fire, so we wanted to do something and made another purchase. We hope to visit a store again soon!

Katie V



We visited Maui in June and visited your store in Whalers Village. I loved it and visited 3 times during our visit. :-) I sincerely hope the people of Maui are doing ok and we will continue to provide support.

Nicole M



After the Maui fires we wanted to help anyway we could. Our friend gave us your link and told us about your story. Please stay strong!

Jeremy M



I Iived in Lahaina for a few months in 2004/2005 and finally made it back in 2022. I remember how kind your staff was in the north end of Front St store. I knew I wanted to support the smaller Lahaina businesses and the people effected so I thought what better way then to purchase their goods online to keep the sales coming in. Also knowing the quality of what I’m getting and that part of my purchase will go straight to your employees effected, I had to buy! Your sweatshirts and tees are the comfiest, hats are awesome, and I love my canvas aloha bag. Mahalo for all the stickers included in my online purchase too 💙 My heart still aches everyday for the people of Lahaina. The people, the buildings, the energy in Old Lahaina is why it will always be my most favorite place on earth! My continued thoughts and prayers to you! Lahaina Strong! ❤️


Julia P



I have a friend who posted on Facebook that she loved your products. We love visiting your beautiful state/island, and after the devastating fires I wanted to do some little part in helping the local economy. So that is how I found your website, she had posted a link. I found a few Christmas gifts I know my daughter and her boyfriend will love. Thank you, I often think of gorgeous Lahaina and send love and healing vibes.

Susie T



We have visited your stores on Maui on previous trips and loved the brand! Your swim shirts are my husband’s favorite. We had a trip planned to Maui the Saturday after the fires began. We wanted to support businesses that we loved on the island even though we couldn’t be there. I wear my Maui necklace every day! We will be back in July and look forward to continuing to support the Island and local shops any way we can!


Sharla M



My in-laws own a home in Kapalua. We have come to Maui for 18 years. It is our second home and has my heart. Your store is always a favorite of mine. Love how you’re taking care of your Lahina Ohana. We will support you as often as we can.

Emily T



This last March I had visited your store in Lahaina and we absolutely loved it. Your employees were extremely kind ! And the quality of your clothes is fantastic!

Kolby W



We shop at your Lahaina and Kaanapali locations everytime we visit Maui. Your clothing is beautiful and the people staffing your stores have always been some of the friendliest people my wife and I have ever met. The service brings us back each time. When we heard about the Lahaina fires, the least we could do is try to support y’all the best we could. I’m hoping everyone on your end is safe and praying for healing for those affected! We love you guys 💙

Pattrick and Kristen S



We found your store front when traveling to Oahu! The year before we went to Maui and loved it. “Ocean Love” caught our eye. We love the clean design and of course love the ocean more than words. The T-shirt we wanted was sold out in Oahu, so we found you online:)

Jen B



We actually visited your Lahaina location back in October 2022 and we were on our honeymoon. I purchased a hat from your store and absolutely loved it. It became my every day hat. We were back visiting Kona, just a couple months ago (we ended up leaving two days before the tragic fire had swept through Lahaina and Maui), and I was looking to buy another hat. However, nothing could really compare to the hat that I had purchased from you guys. So I went online and purchased another hat that is now my daily hat. We also jumped right on the opportunity to take part in the Maui Strong campaign that you guys had going shortly after the wildfires and purchased two shirts. I have shared your company with several friends and family if they are looking for quality products from a smaller company. I will continue to shop with KaiAloha Supply.

Alex K



I first saw your store in Maui on Front Street. As I walked by your store, I noticed the Poppy sweatshirt. I have two labs so I knew I was for sure going to get one of those sweatshirts. Now I have three of them and several other items, haha! We were actually in Maui when the fires started and were last on Front Street the night before. Our hearts have been so broken for Lāhainā and everyone that has been so impacted. Since I loved your store so much and knew you were impacted by the fires, this is my little way of trying to help out. I hope everyone with your store in that location are all ok.

Alexandra A




My husband and I have visited Maui multiple times. I went to your store there. The T-shirts I bought are so soft but I haven’t seen any on your site for women. Love them so much. I bought all the colors.

Kim L




My family was in Maui just a week ago for an amazing vacation. and We bought several items from your cute store in Whaler’s Village. I just ordered a few more items to show our support. Praying for you all and will also support relief efforts through a global organization based here in Cincinnati that will be sending supplies to Maui.

God bless,

Katie G




My fiance and I traveled to Maui in May and enjoyed 2 weeks there!!! It was absolutely amazing and we had the best time! We discovered your store in Lahaina and I just loved it.  I brought back gifts for my friends and family and spent more than I should have lol No regrets though!  Everyone loved what I got them.  My heart breaks for what I see happening on the news and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Maui and especially Lahaina. We have such wonderful memories of our time there.  Mahalo for the memories Maui gave us.  

Dana R 




I got my duffle bag today....that was so fast! I just want to tell you how heartbroken I am to hear of the fires in Maui.  I was just there shopping in the awesome little town of Lahaina a few days ago. My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your coworkers, family and friends that were affected by this terrible disaster. Take care and again thank you for such amazing service and details...a special note and stickers included!? WOW!


Terry M



Just wanted to let you know that I visited Hawaii for the first time in July & while I was on Oahu & Maui, I discovered your store. I absolutely love your clothes! I truly hope you can add your tanks/workout shirts (crop top shirts) to your website and your anklets & bracelets too! Since I live in MS, I’d love to be able to continue to support your store from the mainland.


Sandra D



My first purchase was at your store at the mall in Wailea. I have a Chocolate Labrador so when I saw the t-shirt with the Lab on it, I had to buy it. I also purchased another t-shirt that day. Since then, I have purchased three times online, four t-shirts and a crewneck sweatshirt with the Lab on the front. My 16-year-old grandson has been telling me he really likes my KaiAloha Supply shirts, so the last one I ordered was for him. I love your products; the quality is good and I like the 100% cotton! Hopefully I'll be visiting Maui again in the future, but for now I can get joy from your shirts by ordering online.   

Candi H 


I shopped in your stores on Maui!  Have ordered from you in the past as my husband loves to wear T-shirts from Maui!


Jodie B


I was in your store in Wailea on a family trip in January where I bought my new favorite sweatshirt. I also bought the Maui bar necklace but you were out of the other necklace I wanted, which I just ordered. The store employees let me know to keep watching on the website since there would be more jewelry added. We will be back again in December so we will make sure to visit!

Mahalo & best wishes,

Tracy M


We visit Maui frequently and love your store. That is how I found your brand. I send all my clients that are headed to Maui to your store! 

Kaylee S 


We were recently in Maui and visited the store in Whalers village. We bought a few shirts and my husband and son liked them so much that we just ordered more. When we were in the store, the staff was very friendly and helpful. We have a lab ourselves so we really loved the lab shirts

Kelly H


We just discovered your brand at the store at whalers village on a recent trip to Maui - love it! Can’t wait to keep checking out your awesome stuff. 

Thanks! Emily G



My husband and I recently visited Maui and purchased a couple of T-shirts of yours, and when we got home we wanted to buy a few for our family.

Mary S


I found your site through shopping at this store in Oahu... right next to our hotel, and I got my girls one sweatshirt each from there and we love them. I wanted to go back to get myself one but we ran out of time. I was so happy to find you online!

Thank you

Sydney T



I found your store while staying in Wailea last summer and visited again a few weeks ago. My family & I love your T-shirts & sweatshirts, especially. The quality is excellent & we wear them proudly here in North Dakota!  I think we visited your store 4 times during our 2 week stay:) Thank you for the excellent customer service, both in person and online! 


Heather Y


I actually walked by your store in Waikiki, but it was our last day and we didn’t have time to stop! So I looked online and shopped from the airport. I’m so excited for my new hat, it was worth it to pay the shipping.


Carrie J


Aloha from CT!!! Actually, I was just vacationing in Maui the last two weeks and purchased one sweatshirt from your shop as a souvenir.  I loved it so much that I had to order a couple more!  I noticed there was a website and was thrilled to see I could still get a piece of Hawaii all the way back in the northeast!  Can’t wait to receive them and look forward to visiting your shop again someday!  Mahalo and Aloha! P.s.  my daughter was bummed there wasn’t any children’s sizes (she’s a petite 6 year old and I really had to convince her she wouldn’t find her size to match) so hoping you follow with a children’s line someday too

Amber D



I visited Maui last year and kept coming back to your store.  When I returned home I was sorry that I didn't buy more, one shirt in particular.  It wasn't on your site so I emailed, never expecting to hear back.  I got a reply in under an hour and she found the shirt I was looking for!  Your associate even called me personally to insure it was exactly what I wanted.  With service like this I will keep returning.  I also pass the word to others whenever they comment on my shirts. Thank you again!

Lori W



I bought a sweatshirt from your Whaler’s Village shop when I was there 2+ years ago. It is my absolute favorite sweatshirt. It is starting to get a bit worn so I wanted a replacement one just in case. We love your store! I was very excited when your online store opened up!


Erin S


Maui is our happy place.  We try to go every year.  We were just there in June and shopped at your shop at whaler's village.  My husband loves his hat that he bought last year.  He wanted to buy the same one (color and all) but I talked him out of it.  When we got back he was irritated that he didn't buy the hat since he wears it pretty much every day.  So I went online and bought the hat for him along with a t-shirt. LOL

Georgia H


Last summer, I visited your store in Lahaina and purchased a few items. My son is 6, his name is Kai, he is named after the ocean (we have two other water features in our family; River and Brooke). Kai is on the autism spectrum, and he gets a little kick out of seeing his name on clothes. I was at my son’s speech therapy, and his speech therapist commented on how she liked my Kai Aloha hat. I thanked her and filed that information away for later. Well now, after three years of speech therapy, my little guy is being discharged! To thank his speech therapist, I wanted to get her a small token of my gratitude; a sweatshirt with my little guy’s name on it seemed like an appropriate gift. When Kai started speech therapy, he said three words and screamed most of the rest of the time. With a lot of hard work, Kai is now completely verbal, and ahead of his peers with his vocabulary. His therapist helped Kai, and she helped me learn how to help Kai. She is an absolute treasure to me and I hope that on one of our cold, suburban Chicago nights, she puts on the KaiAloha hoodie and thinks about the little guy who went from yelling, “Juice!” To actually calling me Mommy, and sincerely telling me, “I love you.” If he comes home from school with a scrape, he can tell me what happened to him. His progress is absolutely amazing, and this email is way too long. I’m sure I’ll periodically be ordering more from you, and I’m looking forward to a larger selection online, maybe? 


Brooke S


We were at your store in Waikiki and bought some items, but your clerks said you had some inventory online so I had to check it out and I found something I really liked. I had a good experience at your Waikiki store and the online system was easy/intuitive to use. We were staying in Hilton Hawaiian Village, and I preferred your clothing styles and quality of your shirts over the Honolua Surf Co (2 locations in the village/rainbow bazaar). We are planning a Maui trip over the next few years and will definitely be visiting one of your locations there.


Drew D


My family and I were just in Maui for a week 2 days ago and I walked through your store and regretted not buying the item in person. We plan on going back to Maui in March to watch the whales. Will definitely stop by the store again.


Jon H


We visited your store in Lahaina and liked your brand. After that, I started following KaiAloha on Instagram. I love all things aloha and Maui and have been coming to the island every year for more than 20 years.

Jim Y


Your store while visiting Maui is always a must stop for me. When I found out there was a website through Google search, I was sooo happy! Please keep making things available online. 


Tamra W


Aloha from Washington! We recently visited your shop in April in Maui. I bought the pink Aloha sweatshirt and my husband loved it. So I ordered him one. I also purchased several bracelets (for myself and my daughter and for gifts for others). I love your message and your purpose. I love my hat that I received for free with my purchase as well. I came home and started following your company on instagram. I am so excited to gift my husband his sweatshirt!! 

Thank you!!

Heather O



I was just visiting Hawaii and had to cut the trip a little short bc my son’s back was hurting him so bad we wanted to come home and get it looked at.  I didn’t get to finish my souvenir shopping and saw a girl on my flight wearing one of your sweatshirts.  I loved it so I ordered one (although different from the one she had) online.  I’m hoping I will love it more when I receive it :) 

Kathy T


We travel to Hawaii pretty often and have shopped in store on Oahu and Maui. My toddler’s name is also Kai so we love the products and he likes seeing his name on what we’re wearing. We enjoy the variety of items in store but sometimes bummed when we can’t find our size. We noticed the online store has much less inventory and would be great to be able to purchase online when we’re not visiting the islands. 

Amy G


I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with your brand on a beach in South Carolina.   Isle de Palms to be exact, it’s just outside of Charleston, SC.   Took but a second to jump on my phone and place an order (which will be waiting for me when I get back home to Florida)! Having been to Lahaina several times and having been mauied right off your beautiful coast on the Island Star many moons ago, I have a long love for your island, the culture, and its people…supporting your brand came as natural as breathing.   I have no doubts that I’ll love the quality as much as I love hearing from you and receiving this type of customer care…future orders are sure to come from me :) 


Andrea F


I found your brand while I was in Maui. I stopped at one of your stores. I bought 2 shirts for my kids. My third now wants one. Lol they love them. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you for making my life easy with online shopping. Hope my shirt comes soon. 


John T


My wife, son and I recently visited Maui and came across one of your stores and really love the prints and material. I bought 4 bags and love them all. I even bought the cheetah print bag the colors were black and silver ,those are my colors. I won’t give my wife any of the bags so I had to order her own for her birthday . I have a thing for bags and shoes, and your bags are badass.


Marshall V


I was just in Maui and visited your shop on Front St. I appreciate the message your brand represents and I look forward to seeing new products & designs. 

Diana N


Our family stayed at the Westin Kaanapali 5/23-31 and visited two of your stores, Whaler's Village and downtown Lahaina. Unfortunately, Carson's sister picked up an XL for him for one of the shirts instead of a L and we did not realize it until we got home.  And since we were ordering 1, why not order 2 lol! He also has a hat and we have 3 t-shirts.  Love the designs and quality. 

Sandi W


We visited Maui in 2022 and I came across your store then when I was searching a hat. It was the best fitting hat I have ever worn. So when we were visiting Hawaii again this year in May 2023 and we’re in Honolulu I made it a point to find your store there and drop by. I ended up buying one hat and also a T-shirt. I loved the quality of the T shirt as well, as it’s the softest t-shirt I have ever worn so I came back the next day and bought another one. There were a couple other posters that I liked but I couldn’t find my sizing in them. The one thing in addition to the fit and material that I loved about the t-shirts are that neither of them shrunk after being washed and dried a couple times. I found myself needing more. T-shirt’s so I decided to see if your online store ships to canada and I was able to find all the posters in the sizing that I needed and decided to place my order. I love the way your T-shirt’s fit and feel and the posters on them are really cool. I’m looking forward to receiving my order and hoping that the t shirts I ordered are the same quality and material as the ones I bought in store. You have a loyal customer and supporter in me and I have already recommended your brand to some of my friends here ! 



This year in March, my husband and I went on an alumni college travel trip for our honeymoon to 3 islands in Hawaii. Maui was our favorite island. I bought a green sweatshirt from your store in Lahaina and it’s been my favorite sweatshirt ever since. I wear it just about everyday. I really like the store and the mission. Everyone was friendly at the Lahaina store in March. I’ve been meaning to purchase another sweatshirt for quite sometime. I was even thinking about messaging the store in Lahaina and seeing if someone could send me a few pictures of other items as the website was limited. I would be interested in signing up for email updates if new items are listed on the website as I should probably get my husband a short or long sleeve shirt at some point. I do follow the Facebook page too. 

Sara U


I ordered the hat for Fathers Day for my husband. We love coming to the islands and we actually just had a baby boy we named Kai! My husband recently saw a friend who had one of your hats on (his family just came back from Maui) and was telling me about the hat his friend had on. After googling a little bit I found you and I’m so excited! We love supporting Hawaiian brands and are stoked to find you after having baby Kai too! It was a great experience shopping on your site.


Paige L


We traveled to Maui back in 2012 and fell in love with the islands. A friend of ours honeymooned in Maui and told us about your store. 

PJ Bell 


I actually visited your store on Front Street, and loved it. I bought a trucker hat that I wore almost every day until it got faded from the sun! I was supposed to go back to Maui this month, but at least I can shop online. Sending vibes from the mainland. 

Brian D


I bought a hoodie T-shirt in Maui last year and I love it.  Thought I would try to track down more gear.  Thanks!

Rick M


We visited Maui over Christmas and New Years and my daughter, daughter-in-law and I made several purchases in your store. One of my purchases was this same tee that I loved and wore all of the time. Last week some chocolate ice cream dripped on it leaving a stain that would not come out. So, I ordered a replacement for my favorite tee!! Mahalo for the easy ordering process and quick shipping the package arrived today

Leisa M


I just returned from a trip to Maui, where I shopped your brand in stores (and loved it!). When I got home, a friend complimented my sweatshirt and wanted one of their own. 

Katie L


I shopped the site after having visited your store at whalers village. I regretted not grabbing a shirt while I was in and was pleased to find some online.

Morgandy B


We just visited Maui and went to a couple of your stores. Really like the brand! We bought 4 while there, we will be marketing your brand around Illinois! 

JoAnne-Steve E


I was in Hawaii back in March and shopped at your store in Waikiki. I really enjoyed it and the staff there was very welcoming. On that visit I bought a Black Multicam Ocean Love hat and I haven’t put it down since. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit again but for now I definitely enjoy the Instagram posts and look forward to making future purchases. I know I could probably get Hawaiian gear at other stores or online but your store really made an impression on me. Awesome store! Awesome vibes!


Robert H


We found your stores last time we were in Maui (March 2023) which I ended up buying several things while we were there. I do love the ability to buy on the website but wish you offered even more online. I know I got some shorts in store that I love!!! Unfortunately they aren't on the website. Do you guys plan on expanding your online presence? We usually go to one of the Hawaiian islands every year for vacation to break up our Alaskan winters, so we will definitely shop in store again. My body is in Alaska but my heart is in Hawaii!

Angela C

I just spent a week on your beautiful island and purchased several hundreds of dollars worth of gifts in your store in Lahaina and had to talk myself out of items for myself!  Everything under your brand hit home with me!  I bought 4 long sleeved shirts with the fish and paddle on the front with the islands on the back; one for each of my nephews.  I was showing them to my dad today and he felt very left out so I went online and found him something similar ( I think.  I hope.)  Also bought a couple of the tote bags that you were selling with $1 that goes to the sea turtle fund and I think they will be used daily!  They are a great size!
Hope to visit again in person some day!
Jennifer B


We visit Maui and always go to the Whalers Village shop. We have a yellow lab so the lab shirts and the stickers are our favorite. Recently, I accidentally left my water bottle on an airplane and it had the sticker with the lab on it. I was heartbroken so I decided to see if I could replace the sticker. Also, my husband loves my shirt so I ordered him a shirt when I found the stickers on your site. Thank you so much for asking! We love your store! 

Pam A


I visited your store in Wailea in November.  My daughter’s name is Kaia and she has stolen the sweatshirt I bought so I had to order another.

Coleen A


My family visited Maui in March/April over an extended Spring Break. It was our first time visiting Hawaii and we fell in love! We stayed at the Sheraton and walked down to the shops daily. We purchased several items from your store. My husband bought the black logo hat and wears it everyday. I was jealous So I had to get my own. We will be back! 

Kimberly F


Truth be told, I was visiting Kaanapali last week for my 30th wedding anniversary and found your store front in the Whalers Village. We purchased a T-shirt, shorts and a hoodie for my daughter and I really liked the island chain hat, but a large size was not available for my melon head. Luckily, I found my size on your website and quickly placed the order. By the way my daughter absolutely loves the outfit we bought. If you ever want to expand to Loveland, Colorado. We could keep you in business. Last week was our first time to Maui but not our last. We loved the people, the culture and especially your clothing.

All the Best,

Ken F


I saw the Ocean Love sweatshirt on Front St when I was vacationing in Maui. I fell in love with it but was heading out and couldn't return to buy it. So excited to have it arrive and I will wear it proudly. It will be like a big hug from Hawaii. 

Thank you!

Christina R


Our family visited Maui last spring to celebrate my 40th birthday.  We came upon your store in Lahaina and I purchased a black T-shirt (similar to the two I just purchased) to remember our trip... has been my favourite shirt to wear. Unfortunately, our new labrador puppy tore a hole in the back of my black one this week.  If you get black ones in stock again I’d love to replace it :) 


Mark M


We spent several weeks on three different islands.  When we were on Maui, we shopped in the town of Lahaina, and I really enjoyed your store.  Quality merchandise, great colors and all at a reasonable price.  After I got home I decided to order a shirt that I really wanted so I looked up your site.  I have had numerous compliments and know I'll enjoy wearing it.

Jeannine D


Our family visited Maui in 2022 and my husband, Adam, loves dogs. He saw a hat in your window front in Whaler’s Village and learned the story about the dog on the hat was the owner’s dog and it made him appreciate the hat even more so. A few months later that hat blew off his head while on a ferry ride and he kept checking back to see if it was added to your online store. He sent me the link of the hat I recently purchased. Although, it was not the royal blue color his previous one was, I got it to surprise him for a Father’s Day gift!

Beth S


We were on Maui 2 weeks ago and walked into your shop in Wailea.  Absolutely fell in love with your products and designs.  We are LAB lovers....spent a bunch, came home and ordered more :)) We will continue to be great fans of you!!  Your staff in Wailea were wonderful.

Mark & Tracy S


I was in Maui last May on vacation and purchased the same shirt in black my last day there in downtown Lahaina and it was one of my favorite shirts. Unfortunately I accidentally shrunk it in the wash so I looked up the name of your company on the internet and luckily was able to find you guys. One of the best fitting shirts I’ve ever owned!

Ryan F


I actually found you guys in your Lahaina location when I visited Maui last year. The hat I bought was my favorite one I've ever had and I lost it last week I actually live in BC, Canada, but I have a friend in Washington who's visiting soon so I asked him to bring the replacement hat with him to save on shipping.


Ian L


I’ve been to your stores in Kaanapali and Lahaina.  Was there last year and a couple weeks ago.  Purchased several items. Got home and realized I had forgotten to buy some gifts. Hence, the order.  Looking forward to shopping in Maui again. Appreciate the quality, style and design of your products. 

Patricia S